How to earn extra points

You need to acquire 60 points to be eligible to apply for Point test based visa subclasses. What if the demand increases to 75 points? Read More



BAY is one of the first public speaking competitions to be organized in the Mekong Delta Region, Southern Vietnam sponsored by SWCG Australia. Read More

Business Migration

在过去的几年里,信为的顾问团队成功帮助了成千名齐乐娱乐生成功入读自己心仪的学校和课程,成功拿到了学生签证。不仅如此其中大部分的同学和我们的顾问因此成为了好朋友,更有些同学因此成为了信为的志愿者和兼职员工。 Read More
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